Thursday, 17 April 2008

Photos Photos Photos

It seem to be the only creative thing I can do with all my boys around, and also doing the Painting with light course. Here are some pics I have been taking, these 1st 3 are for my texture module.....
James and the boys at a really cool castle in Cornwall
Teddy bears picnic anyone?????

Shamboo sheep (Nicolas lil pal) and upsy daisy at yeaterdays picnic:)
Anyway got to go, have a good day:)


Shakadal said...

Attention! See Please Here

jay670120 said...

great to see you have use of your new decking xxx
doesnt nicolas little girl look like her mum !!!
great texture pics i must have a chat with you about the course as i want to sign up ...was first to put my name on list but didnt have the cash at the time 'typical'

Anonymous said...

Buttons, yay, im keeping mine close to my heart hehe.
The boys all looked thrilled to be at the castle!!
Was a lovely picnic, me and Shamboo had a great time, its nice to have your deck to sit on.

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