Saturday, 31 May 2008

June kit and new blog

I have decided to make the buying of my kits easier to have start a blog shop called Cleo' kits n' bits
So from now on all kits will be sold from here.
I have now added a paypal shopping cart to make things easier for people buying more than one item. But I will still be putting the pictures of my kits here for you to see.
My June summer home decor kit
This kits is a bargain at only £15 with stash worth over £18 (rrp)
Kit Contents
  1. Cherry Arte Patterned papers x 5-
  • Princess Rett
  • Princess Max
  • Princess Corrine
  • Princess Heather
  • Princess Sheri
  1. Cosmo cricket 'Buck Naked' lacing cards
  2. Cherry Arte Princess chipboard shapes
  3. Button Bonanza bag of buttons
  4. 3m pink organza
  5. 5m aqua organza
  6. Foam pads
  7. Text paper
  8. Curtain ring
This kit is versatile - so if you dont fancy making the hanging design, it could be easily translated into a mini book:) So if you fancy a fun kit- this is your one:)
Any way my coffee is ready have a good evening:)


jay670120 said...

ive actually got this kit and its really fab. Well worth the money just have to go and buy some more pva glue lid is stuck on mine and i cant get it off !!!!

Anonymous said...

Hehehe Jayne theres never anything when you need it.
Blog please Cleo, I know I see you every day but its always nice to know anything you havnt told me.
Friday I might bring my newly brought stuff over for a bit of scrapping : ) Okies so I have caught the scrapping bug, gimme more buttons and ribbons hehe

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