Sunday, 16 March 2008

OH kittens

I went to meet my new kitten today and she is gorgeous!!! Black with white socks- Her name is Super socks, anyway I havent long got back from swansea so I will post longer tomorrow- maybe with a sneekypeek!!!!


jay670120 said...

aaaaahhhhhh shes so cute Cleo .
Look at her shouting lol !!!!!
sneeky peek ?? sneeky peek ??? where ???? :D

EWhyley said...

ohhh she is so lovely, it is soo making me want another kitten, lol!! Just think about all the scrapping opportunities this one will give you .... and cat related stash to buy!

Crop and Create said...

aaahhhh so cute she really is a little smasher.........makes me want one NOT I am really very alergic to cats.
Sis very cute though

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