Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Spinning and rushing!!!

Do you ever feel that if you rush around any faster your head will fly off???!! I have been rushing since I got up. I was woken at 6.30 yes 6.30 AM by a delivery man knocking at the door- I couldnt believe it!! I ran down stairs trying to grab my keys out of my jeans pocket and answered the door all bleary eyed in my pjs, and he says morning, sorry its so early but at least your in!! so I said dont worry Ive been up for hours!! he said really??? I said NO!!! Well at least I got my parcel!! I then closed the door and went back to bed, then the boys woke up so got no more sleep!!! The little girl who I look after in the mornings came at 8 as usual, I dressed the boys fed them all and tried to sort myself out (ie have breakfast)- Its hard work some mornings!! I took them all to school , and ran down the printers then decided I needed some bits in town so walked down with Evan. I then had to be back at the school for 11.30 to pick up a little boy from the nursery, walked them both home and they argued most of the afternoon- I tried all sort of activities - playdoh , making dens, playing trains, drawing (you can imagine the mess of my house by now) Nicola came over (thank god, and adult to talk to!!) And the day went like that really!!!! I have now sat down, but am cooking tea!!!!
Anyway.................... My parcel contained some fabb bits for my next kit:) Yummy dream street papers - birdie bits!!!- these are just soooo cute!! Aprils kit will be out a little earlier than usual as I will be going away at the beginning of April to a Haven in cornwall- the boys are so excited!!! I am also going to be teaching 2 classes at the may 24th 12 hour crop at paper arts!!!- I am looking forward to this:)
Look what I just bought - ooooops!!!:)


EWhyley said...

Ohh I love Dream Street papers, got some the other day - so defo count me in for Aprils kit!!

Hope you get to put your feet up soon!!

em x

Lesli said...

I can totally relate to that kind of day - I hope it gets better!

Jazzy1972 said...

I am a big fan of DS papers and I also love Momiji dolls, I am building a wee collection, that one is a total cutie. You have a fab blog and I will watching out for your kits. xx

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