Monday, 31 March 2008


I was given this link by Jayne , it so cool

I make one of these really cute birds there are quite a few to choose from too:)
I have put a few new buttons up at the top right hand side of my blog the PAY NOW buttons are to make your buying my kits easier for you:) all you have to do is click the button and buy that kit:) If you would like to buy multiple kits, please e-mail me so I can discount the postage for you :)
Also there is a box to subscribe to news about my kits, this will only be about once a month- you will not be bombarded with spam from me:)!!!!
Anyway I have a mountain of washing to catch up on before we go away on friday:) This is gonna be fun:(!!!! (the washing not the holiday)
Have a good day:)


jay670120 said...

Thought you might like the birdies.
Glad you found out how to put paypal buttons up on your site it will make life a lot more easier , i have done this on my tiara site and its just not so confusing.

All the washing will be worth it when you are away from it all on hols. The kids will love the place you are going to , mine did when we went. Crop next week isnt going to be half as fun without you, But i know you deserve a break xxx dont forget to see the surfers some of them do kite surfing so kids will like to see that ( yes i dont just think they are eye candy for me) They'll love the sand dunes too but watch out for brambles hee hee x

Debbie said...

My kit arrived today Cleo, thanks so much! It's great. Enjoy your holidays and hope you get all your washing done!!

Anonymous said...

Washing, you never have washing to do, you just do fun things like play dress up with jewellery.
Have you noticed how many times you've written buttons?? Maybe the button conventions not so far off the mark.

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