Tuesday, 25 March 2008


I have so never been good with homework although I have done my self portrait It is silly I know but I had to have my name on it, and this was my fave of about 20 odd. I did manage to buy a tripod from argos, it was quite cheap and is perfect for what I want to do:) I am really looking forward to this course as I would love my photos to improve.
I am waiting on a rather large delivery of scrapping stock for my kits I hope it gets here soon, I cant wait to see it all in the flesh:)

James is away with work tonight, I have fed, bathed, sorted all the boys out (and I even put a weeks worth of washing away) and so I am trying to decide what to do- shall I scrap that photo I have been waiting to do, or shall I be good and do things that I should be doing like sorting through stuff?????? Hmmmmmm decisions, decisions:) and I bought a pack of rolos to keep me company:)
Anyway have a good evening:~)


whoopidoo said...

Do the scrapping - go onnnnnnn. You know you want to :P

Debbie said...

Wicked pic - can't wait for my April kit!
Hope the rolos were good!

jay670120 said...

What did you end up doing last night then ????
Did you save me your last Rolo ???

Fabby pic im so jealous you are doing Cheryls course maybe if im good i can do it at a later date x

Anonymous said...

Oh Cleo, you do look like a flaming drongo hehe

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