Sunday, 23 March 2008

April family canvas Kit update

Just thought I would let you all know a few details about the yummy april kit:) Above is a pic of the kit contents plus a bottle of red Anitas acylic paint (not shown in pic). This months kit will be £12 & £2.50 p&p. This kit should be ready to be sent out on thursday or friday.

Anyway how is everyones easter going? our has been spent turning over our mud patch ready to lay grass and playing on the Wii we have the Raving rabbids game its sooooo funny. Its a very silly but funny game!!!!

I have got to do my homework for the 'Painting with light' course I have signed up for, hmmm I need to get a tri pod!!!!! Should be fun. I am thinking a funny self portrait with lots of eyelliner( I have just bought a new one!!!)
Anyway have a good day

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jay670120 said...

theres a little shop in galleries just outside tk max where we got our tripod from Cleo. It was nice and cheap and if you want to borrow it for a bit to see how you get on feel free to holler !!! We actually didnt get it there got ours fron bristol balloon fest but it was the same shop !!!

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