Thursday, 8 May 2008

Ive been playing with glue and newspaper again

After I got the kiddie winks home from school yesterday I felt complelled to rip up the nearest newspaper and pva ity to some chipboard, how sad am I ? Nicola was sitting next to me so I asked her to rip out the text from the newspaper so i could paste it down- Its so theraputic:) Today will be the layers of paint- oh I love it:) Next monday Myself and nicola are going to have a mini crop child free at my house!!!!! yeeeaaaaaaaaaahh!!

Oh have you seen the new recipe box by Elsie I soooo have to get that!!! Mandy came over the other day and we had a lovely catch up:) and brought me some old magazines they are fab- I had never come accross 'Legacy' before OMG they are fab:)

My 'photoshoot' the other day went well Sarah is so photogenic- I took around 200 pics but these 2 we chose as our faves

I am laughing at noodles- he is sitting by the sink swiping at the drips from the tap- daft cat:D!! He has now started meow ing at me more like he is talking to me , Buffy has done this from the start, but I think she has taught him he has a voice. He is so sweet now - no ,ore biting or swiping at us!! I bought buffy the most girly collar the other day - its ssosooooooo cuts, I will try and get a pic of her with it on:)
Right time to get teh kids ready for school
See ya!!

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jay670120 said...

photos are fab Cleo . Our cat didnt Meow at ,all weird isnt it. Sounds great having a kid free mini crop xxx

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