Sunday, 18 May 2008

Paper Arts

Next sat (24th may ) I am teaching a 12 hour workshop at Paperarts in Stroud. Fiona sent be a box of gorgeous goodies, so I have been busily working away on my 2 projects a layout and an acrylic album, I am not sure if I can give you a sneek peek of what I am working on , but if so I will:)
I think there may be a few spaces left too if anyone is interested see here

This week has been really busy!! On monday my mum came to visit us for the first time since we have lived in Bristol (8 years) It was really nice to see her and her boyfriend Jon, Evan really took to her which is great (except he kept calling her 'she' and 'whats her name'!! Buffy my kitten loved her also I have never seen her fuss anyone so much!!

Thursady was spent scrapbooking with Nicola- I think I have done it I think I have her hooked . I already have her obsessing over buttons- so watch this space (I may get her to come to a crop)
I t was also Cals birthday on Thursday- I can believe he is 9 already!!! He had his party yesterday which same me take 5 kids to see Nims Island at the cinema then to frankie and Bennys for tea:) Their bbq chicken pizza is LUSH!!!!
Anyway I have loads of Fairy chores to get on with!!!:( Have a good day:)

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Anonymous said...

Ok I enjoyed it, and have already thought about what else I can do. I think I may need to get myself a few papers and other bits (especially more buttons.)
We'll see about the crop!!!

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