Sunday, 4 May 2008


I wanted to show you this layout that my best friend Nicola did. It is her FIRST EVER layout and I think it is fab!!!! (I have even got her hooked on buttons) She occassionally pinches a couple juat because she likes them (but I dont mind as I must now have around 10,000 buttons if not more (Alot of these are my stock!!!!!) I will do it everyone I will get her hooked on scrapbooking!!! She advises me on my layouts now!!! So nic week monday - a scrapbook day at my house???

Anyway my garden now has a very clean and clear deck , a lawn, another dect that needs sweeping , but I have a garden!!!!!!!!!!! We are going to have a BBQ tommorrow and I am so excited (for the kids and ok myself!!) My 76 year old grandfather was sweeping my deck for me (he insisted!!!) yesterday whilst myself and James cleared all the junk , He is such a sweetie, and my nan played games with the boys indoors- so thank you nanna and grampa you really helped us yesterday:)!!
Today my friend is coming over so I can do a photoshoot on her for her drama portfolio- now sarah are you sure you want me to do it???? Hhhhhmmmmmmmm I could have some fun here!!!

I still havent scrapped that gorgous pic of buffy yet but hey maybe I should set myself a challenge to do so over this weekend!!!:)
Cant remember if I put a link in here to my cyber crop class?? Its here on uks if anyone fances a free class!!!
Anyway gotta go for now have a good weekend:)


Anonymous said...

Its ok, but I think I have it in me to do better.
Im looking forward to coming over for a BBQ on your deck in the summer, and generally sitting out there, it looks soooooo much better now you have a proper garden.
P.S. Mondays a bank holiday but we have the rest of the week, yay.

jay670120 said...

Nicola thats a great job for a first ever L/O , Are you thinking scrapbookers arent so maaaad now ???
Glad your garden has come together Cleo , i can see me sat on the decking with a cool drink in hand lol !!!!
good luck with the photography Cleo hopefully i'll see some of the pics .

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