Thursday, 1 May 2008

Who fancys a may kit??

So for some of you impatient few (The name Jayne springs to mind:)!!!) My may kit is now ready!!!

Why not have some fun rotating, sewing, cheeseholing and having lots of fun with this funk 'Get Happy kit
Each kits contains

4 sheets ‘Cosmo Cricket Get happy’ papers- Crush, Snappy, Lucky, Take five.

2 sheets white cardstock

1 pack of Cosmo cricket Doodle alpha rub-ons- these are really cool:)

1 sheet of cardstock sticker alphabet

1 Skein blue embroidery cotton

Length of lace

Bag of buttons

Foam pads

1 Book ring

1 Washer

2 pieces of text paper

All this costs just £9 and £2.50 P&P To buy this kit just click on the 'Buy now' button.

I also have a couple of March and Aprils kits still available too (the buttons for these are up the top right hand side of my blog)

After the last time there was text paper in the kit - I am going to set up a little competition to see if anyone can guess the name of the book and author (there will be a small prize for the winner:)!!)

Right Im off to have my Tea:)
Have a good evening:)


jay670120 said...

Fab kit like usual . just ordered mine xxx

Anonymous said...

*sitting up straight with hand in the air*
I know, I know, I know, can I have a prize, hehehe.
Well done for getting it all done in time, I know it wasnt so easy.
: )

Anonymous said...

WOW! another stunning creation!! cleo, your work always has such flair and style.....another inspirational kit :-)


Debbie said...

Yum - can't wait for mine!!

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