Friday, 1 February 2008

Fridays are good

Anyone else just love fridays ?? I do, probably because its nearly the weekend :)!!!

Thursdays winner is........ Kazy1 just send me your addy and I will get it in the post asap. I have posted 3 out today, but I havent heared back from Hannah scrapper- please send me your address and I ll get them sent out to you:)

Anyway Today is the last of my giveaways this week, and Todays is ....... is pack of scenic route chipboard circles - these are really funky:) so if you fancy a try just leave me a comment:)
And dont forget my challenge to win a copy of The 'designing with details' book from Autumn leaves, this book looks fab, packed with lots of ideas and inspiration.
The challenge is.................

I have called my blog and my kits undomesticated, because I dont like things to tell me what to do (ie to cut in a certain way or sew in a particular pattern) I also like to make my pages humerous, to have fun whilst I am doing it, which for me is very important
The challenge is......................... To do an undomesticated scrapbook page. Take the word UNDOMESTICATED as inspiration, and show me where this leads you:)
The closing date for this is Monday 11th February 2008 send me a link to your online gallery or e-mail me an image of your layout.

Please go and visit Kirsty Wiseman's blog she is fundraising for her lovely daughter Ellie, please watch Ellies video. Kirstys blog is here

Anyway the idea of flying hamsters and kittens has gone to my head and a layout is brewing ala wonderpets styleee!!! hmmmm will have to go and play now:)

Anyway hope you have a good day:)


jay670120 said...

i love fridays too especially if they are sunny like today. Going to wrap up warm and take a walk by the river.
Ive also taken a pic & printed it now i need to scrap it for your challenge hee hee !!!

jay670120 said...

look at your blog counter in its 80's you'll going to be in the top 50 at this rate !!!!!
fabby x

Gem said...

Great giveaway Cleo. You are such a star, definately having a think about your LO challenge.
Have a lovely weekend.

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