Monday, 18 February 2008

I am going to Stitches!!!

I am going to the Craft, hobby and stitch show tommorrow. I am looking forward to it. James has taken the day off work to look after the boys, which is nice and after today I need it. Evan is in full on tantrum mode and had several tantrums this morning just on the way to asda!! He has taken to wanting to wee by a tree near us, and as I am potty training him I try and let him go when he needs to, even if that is by a tree. But now everytime we go past this one he says, 'can't wee in my pram' so we have to stop and let him wee then get him to get back in the pram which is a nightmare!!! Then in asda I let them all choose a pack of sweets, so he chose his and we started waking to pay and he changed his mind, and had the most horrendous tantrum grabbing on to things and pulling his pram. I paid for my shopping and put the bag on the pram as usual and I turned to look away and he started emptying the contents of my shopping on the floor!!!!! I could have cried!! Oh the joys eh?? Thats school holidays for you though:)
Right going to have a nice long bath:)


jay670120 said...

oooh you lucky girl !!!! not the potty training thing (im going through that and we have got it sussed at home but my DD cant go up against a tree, so other than taking the potty out (very cold) sometimes its difficult out and about.)
Lucky going to stitches , ive never been to a big craft show before !!!! Have fun xx

Julie Corfield said...

Have fun today Cleo - just remember though it's like walking round the best sweet shop in the world but not having any pocket money lol!!!!

(And I'm glad I'm not the only one with tantrum problems and kids xx)

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