Monday, 11 February 2008

A quiet kinda day :)

It was so cold this morning, the kids enjoyed walking to school and writing messages like 'scrape me' on to the frost- typical kids:) !! Went for a coffee with Nicola and Evan who decided to entertain the whole coffee shop as usual - he is so going to be an entertainer:)!!!
Ohhhh got my Red velvet kit today and it is soooooooooooooooooooo lush I will take a pic for you tomorrow, I have got some new pics to play with these too :) dont you love recieving a parcel of goodies:)???

I just watched that David Attenborough program and I so want to go and find frogs to take pics of now- I am sure it wont be long until the ones in my garden emerge!! although they dont have quite the same appeal as the ones on the program:( . I should have a garden soon:) yeahhhh its only taken 3 years!!!!!! I have plans for some gorgeous cordylines for my deck and just a splash of red somewhere i think:)

I will be getting another kitten soon I cant wait, My friends cat is pregnant and ready to drop anyday, so I am waiting for 'Super' to be born, yes we have named her:) I am sure Noodles will love having a friend about the house:) and then I can call out 'Super' 'Noodles' out of the door to call them:) how sad am I ????????????????????
Anyway gonna get to bed, been feeling a bit rough today:(

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jay670120 said...

hope you are feeling better soon . Um my dad would be proud of your cat name choices as he has had weird names for his dogs in the past. cat , dog ,cue (it came from poole), mouse & two terriers sing & song !!!!

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