Saturday, 16 February 2008

The Winner is..........................................

I just fell in love with this layout!!!! Very 'UNDOMESTICATED' now what we really need is chocolate irons, so you dont even have the choice to Iron (unless you want Chocolate smeared clothes, which I suppose may catch on but probably not!!)
I love all the polka dot papers my fave:), I will e-mail you about you fabby prize:)

I had a fab night out last night with Nicola and her mum and sister and other members of her family later. Nicola got so drunk!! I dont think I have laughed so much in a while:D

Me and Nic

The 4 of us

A drunken Nicola

Sorry Nic I had to do it:) Its funny, being the only sober one there (I dont drink alcohol) But I had a great night and even danced (which is rare)

Anyway I am off to watch Primeval then have a take away then some crafting:)

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jay670120 said...

eeerrrr you posted my L/O and its got a pic of meeee on Blahhhhhh . i'm going to put people off. I like winning prizes tho xxxx
Looks like you had a nice time out , i think your friend doesnt look that bad considering she was sooooo drunk !!! I'm always the sober one when i go out , dont need drink to be crazy !!!!

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