Wednesday, 6 February 2008

sneek peek of my 1st project kit

Ok so here is a sneek peek of what I have been making for my kit:)I have been working on this shabby chic funky mini book, its so fun:) (even if I do say so myself)
The full kits will hopefully be up on friday:)
I am teaching at Chepstow tomorrow, I am really looking forward to it I have packed up all the kits (which was really exciting for me) am I a little sad???
Oh I had a fab entry for my challenge, anyone else???

Anyway back to work
Speak soon


jay670120 said...

i love the colours & red was my fave colour growing up but now i appreciate tons of colours. Pearls are my birthstone so this looks made for me HOW MUCH ? HOW MUCH ???? LOL im skint bought a cartridge for my cricut and a BIA so now i need to talk my DH into a valentines gift for meeee LOL wink wink xx

Katy said...

ow wow yes please another one says how much lol :P il do some sweet talking to dh also :)



Pam said...

Congratulations on Scrapbooker of the Year. - and..
you've been tagged. You need to go to my blog to see whar to do.

Gem said...

Great sneeky. Very detailed work.

Archer said...

Just back from the Chepstow class you taught tonight. Loved the layout and the minibook kit is brilliant just need to finish it off will be giving it to other half for Valentines - love it!

Cassie said...


just popped in to see whats going on and to have a peek at your kit.

Why could I not find you on uks your blog link I have seen the notice no sell blogs lol. Found you again so have added you to my favorites so as not to lose you again.
Hope all is well in your world take care of you and yours, will be back later to see if your kit has gone live.

hugs cassie

jay670120 said...

sounds like the chepstow class went well for you , So glad xxx
cant wait to see the whole kit pics you are doing on here xxx put me on the list i'll have one anyway and you can bring it to crop saves posting if it makes it easier !!!!
jayne x

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