Saturday, 2 February 2008

saturday stuff

I forgot to do my weekly shop online this week so I had to go and face ASDA on a saturday0-Arrrrrggggghhhhhh, there was one point in there when a woman was throwing tins at her bloke in a temper ans sweraing at the top of her voice, I quickly scuttled round to the next isle. but that is what asda can do to you (note I have never thown tins at my husband full stop let alone in there) Jame stook the boys over to toys r us to make it easier for me, but it was still hell!!!!

Anyones kids obsessed with rubber ducks atm??? Mine are we have a growing collection in this house:) gonna have to take some piccys me thinks:)

I got loads of stock yesterday for my kits so will be working hard on them this weekend:)

Anyway Fridays winner for the giveaway is Jayne (jay670120), just let me know how you would like me to get it to you:)

Anyway have a good day


jay670120 said...

ooooh ive won something !!! lol thankyou xxx
You can bring it to the crop if you like save P&P.
We have tons of ducks too for the bath and i have this rather large carved wooden duck that my youngest keira headbutted its beak this week, she came running to me and said the duck bit her !!!!
EEEERRRR hate shopping in asda YUK !

kazy1 said...

On line shopping is the way to go ! except of course when they put 1 thing in each bag and then knot it !

P.S cant find the link to this blog anymore via UKS... is it me?

p.s.s soo looking forward to my free gift! thanks again x

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