Wednesday, 20 February 2008

In Stiches

You have to go and read this artical its hilarious.
Stitches was great, there are some fab new things coming out. It was amazing how quickly the time went, we didnt have lunch til 3.30!! I bumped into a couple of people I know, and found some gorgeous stamps OMG they really are gorgous!!!! from Paper Artsy!! I am not the world biggest stamper but I want one of each of these!!!
Oh and then there were buttons!!!!!!! The button companys business card is a giant button - perfect for the button lady.

I forgot to announce a winner for the Cherry Arte alphabet last week (sorry ) but the winner is ..............................................................Weehaggis....................................................................................
I will send you an e-mail and get them sent out to you:)

I got so many ideas for kits yesterday!! but I would really like to hear some voices on what you would like to see in my kits. Do you want project kits?? Do you want layout kits?? Do you want stamps in your kits?? Leave me a comment or send me an e-mail and you will be in with a chance of a mystery gift (It will be good :)!!)
Hope you have a good day:)


jay670120 said...

glad to hear you had a good time yesterday x
i would love to see a little mix of things in your kits . Or perhaps you could do a mini book and a L/O option with the same kit!!! I like the idea Your kits are mini kits and not expensive and if you do decide to branch out into bigger more costly kits then i hope you will sell mini kits too as sometimes i cant afford all the Kits i want every month . I love stamps , not that i do much with them when i get them lol so ideas on using them might be good. Hope this helps x

taniaj said...

Love the idea of stamps with the kits. I think alternate months of lo kits and minikits would be nice. Enjoy being guided through new techniques. Great Kit

Cassie said...

Glad you had a good time I hope your kits will be based on the products and colours you love to use, I do love the idea of having a stamp or too, though I do find then hard to use. As said before a mix of kits would be good. I do aso love mini books and albums

Rach said...

I love the idea of all kits!!!
Would like to see more project kits like interesting little book kits, interactive kits love those books layouts that you can spin something/lift something ect.
Maybe monthly kits that all add up to being a summer
/autum/winter /spring (you get the picture)project album, themed albums ect. I like jay670120's idea of having a kit that can be a project or/ and a LO You better get your thinking cap on!!!

rainbow_poppy said...

Loved the kit Cleo and would like to see more of the same. I think a mixture of layouts and e.g. mini books would be good. I think the main thing I want to do is try something new, so stamps and new techniques are what I am really interest in.
Debbie x

rainbow_poppy said...

I think a mixture of layouts and mini books, or mini kits would be a good idea. Loved the versatility of this kit and putting my own slant on it.

rainbow_poppy said...

I think a mixture of layouts and mini books, or mini kits would be a good idea. Loved the versatility of this kit and putting my own slant on it.

Anonymous said...

Love your first kit Cleo, nearly finished.
I love stamps and am in to mini-books at the moment. Really don't know what to say about your future kits, other than I liked the fact that this one wasn't very expensive. Can't afford expensive kits and new stash!

Debbie said...

I like any kind of kit!! Mixtures would be good. Love stamps too so would like to see some of those. Excited about receiving my first kit from you!

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