Friday, 15 February 2008

What a response!!!

I have been so pleased with all the interest I have had from my kits. I have decided to put together one more batch of my Lil book of love kit, which will hopefully be ready for the end of next week. So if you missed out then please e-mail me to reserve one for you:) I want to say thank you to everyone who has bought one of my kits:)

I have been working on my Cj for my UKS team 'The Stashaholics'!! Cjs really make you think outside the box sometimes dont they:)

Still not heared if my baby cat has been born yet:( last I heard though, the mum could hardly walk and has to sit with her legs a cimbo!!! Come on Super be born !!!! Am I excited about Noodles getting himself a lil girlfriend??? Yup!!!!

It was lovely having Jayne and Lynne round yesterday, its nice to meet up and have a chat. And Evan and Keira (Jaynes daughter) hit it off, the were laughing and chatting and playing together, it was nice to see him play without the rough play he does with his brothers!! I think we should get them together again soon Jayne!! :) And Jayne you are MAD!!!!

Anyone elses house being taken over by rubber ducks??? Mine has!! The boys have been collecting these and I think they are sooo cool!!!

Bill kills and Luke Pondwalker!!!

Ducktor Who!!!

Anyway hope you have a good day:)


ellen said...

those rubber duckies are sooo cute!

so glad to have you over at HSS!!!!

ellen {howdee}

Katy said...

i have one of those ducks its the i-duck nano so wicked lights up in the bath tee hee.

Received my kit hun its wicked now going to make a start on it today :)

Looking forward to the next one :D

jay670120 said...

Love the ducks .... we love dukies too !!!!!
So glad kits have done so well.
Hows he news on the L/O competition ???? Did you get many entries ????

I agree the kids played lovely together next visit will have to be to the park i think. keira's finished her picture Evan gave her . i'll email it later xxx

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