Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Almost a heart attack

My stress score for yesterday would have to be a 7 raising to 10 at about 3pm then back down to 2!!!
We had to get some final bits for the wedding yesterday like chocolate for the table, helium balloons etc and some bit to keep the kids amused!! My boys argued and squabbled and faught against me, and them combined with a busy Asda, started to wind me up!! I just about got everyone out in time to save my sanity!!

We had to go to the hotel to pay them for the wedding, so they happily took my rather large cheque, and everything seemed fine. We then took the boys down to Hengrove play park (where we have taken them for the last 3 days) they were having a lovely time Aeron found a little girl from his class (I susspect a little crush form Aeron!) he was so excited when he saw her he quickly asked me to stop the swing and he ran to her, he was obviously very shy at first, but they soon held hands and ran off together to play! I found them a few minutes later cuddled up in the hammock swing being pushed by a couple of teenage girls. They are so cute together. Aeron asked if she can come over for tea when they are back at school- I said yes:D! Calann built a fort out of sand and water and managed to fill his shoes with water too - hmmm!! And Evan well evan just had a great time running through the water and 'helping' calann!!

I then got a text from my mate helen who is coming to my wedding, saying they couldnt get a room at the hotel for sat, so I said I would try for her! I phoned up and asked the woman on reception if there were any rooms left that we had blocked for the wedding - she said we didnt have a booking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I argued with her that we WERE going to get married there in just a few days time, but she was having none of it. Talk about a brides worst nightmare!!! I started to shout at her that I did have a booking but she didnt want to know, at that point I asked to speak to the wedding co-ordinator- she politely said 'thank you I will put you through' I was almost in tears at this point and almost shouted at Gary (the wedding co) he checked for me and everything is still booked. I want to have words with this 'receptionist' when we go there next!!!! Anyway I booked the rooms for my mates so that is good. After my almost a heart attack I sat on the grass in shock not sure whether to laugh or cry, so I bought a toblerone and a diet coke to 'calm my nerves'!!

I had great fun last night working on my garter. I found all my beautiful silk and did some embroidery on it I have made the garter itself now, and all that is needed is some bling in the form of sequins will post a pic when its finished!!! I also had great fun trying to decide a song ' to walk down the isle ' to and have chosen - Nina simone The look of love. I just love that woman, and I lurve the music!!! The rest of the music for the ceremony will come from my 'Jazz for weddings cd' I love it!!

Right I have to go I have many many fairy chores that need doing.

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