Thursday, 16 August 2007

I am back to normal now (well whatever normal is!!!)

I am back!!!! Couldnt believe how cold it was here after being in Rome for just a few days. Rome was about 34 degrees today which was HOT!!! The plane had air conditioning so much so that I had goose pimples!!!:D Trust me, nothing is ever right!!
Anyway... The wedding, we got through the ceremony without a hitch- the registrars were fantastic!! My hair, makeup and photographers were FANTASTIC!! They ended up having to help me get dressed!!!!
Yeah we had all our photos taken including some really fun ones of me being lifted up by all the blokes (that was fun;)). And then came the meal. The room we were eating in is the old courtyard with a glass roof on it. It was baking in there. The food ws fantastic but it seemed to get hotter and hotter!! We had had our 3 courses and speaches were getting ready to be said when I noticed my grandmother (in her 80s ) start to go odd! I jumped up in my huge dress and knocked over a VERy heavy chair making a huge bang, I ran to her table my mum and aunt were fussing around, my other aunt who is a nurse came over and cleared her airways. I ran out in a panic(crying at this point!) shouting I need an ambulance. Anyway she is and was fine, she over heated and had drunk a large glass of wine- she had fainted. It was very funny though when the ambulance paramedics turned up for 'a hyperventolating bride!!!!'- Me never!!!! It did give me quite a fright though!! But I have spoken to her since and she really is fine:)

Right I think I am going to have to go to bed now!!
More travel tales tommorrow!!!

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