Sunday, 14 October 2007

Declutter sunday!!


sorry again about my lack of posting here, I blame it on having 3 kids!! Evan (my youngest) is a little under the weather:(. His temperature is up and he is a bit grumpy, red cheeks, I think his back teeth may be coming through! Poor lil lad! We were at ikea last night and they had igloo tents there for a fiver so we bought one for him, so he made himself a bed in there today and watched Finding nemo with the kitten!! soo cute

Aeron is sooo popular he went to 2 parties this weekend AGAIN!! He has been to 2 parties a weekend for the last 3 weekends now- he has a better social life than me!!
Calann has spent the weekend nagging us to let him spend his pocket money!! We eventually gave in and followed him around the shops- well Tescos after Ikea last night, he bought a copy of the Iron Giant- its such a lovely film, and I found a copy of Amelie, which I have never got round to seeing but at 3 squids I couldnt resist, cant wait for a chance to watch it!! James said he fancied seeing it too!! But we have been trying to watch all the Rocky films, as I have never seen them before, and James wants me to see them with him- we have now watched 1+2!!
Anyway my weekend has been spent "decluttering" my kitchen (well the diningroom half) I cant believe the amount of stash I have accumulated in the last year!! I have put most of it into clear plastic boxes so I can see whats in them. So over the next few days I will be putting a few RAKS on here- some things are just too good to throw out!! So watch out for that!!
I am going to have alook through some of my 12x12 papers and sort them out too as I already know what I am not going to use!
This week James bought us a new computer well bits form here and there and built one himself, so whilst I have been "decluttering" James has been "cluttering" up our bedroom!! As we speak our bed has a whole pc on it and the rest of the room is full of the boxes from our new pc!!! Hmmmm and he complains about the mess I make scrapbooking- its never been on our bed!!
This pic was taken a few weeks back and it just makes me laugh- this is Calann at the zoo- it is just so him, he loves being the joker!! the other is of my grandfather- another joker!! considering they are 3 generations appart they are very simular!!!- Just ask my nan!!!

I admit to not doing a single bit of scrapbooking this week- I think my mojo wants a rest!! I think Mandy will be bring my scrapstudio DT kit sometime in the next week- I always look forward to a visit from Mandy- she is just so friendly and chatty!!

I am going to the modscraps crop next saturday, and I am thinking of entering the scrapbook magazines scrapbooker of the year competition- so hopefully may get some done there. Has anyone entered this ? I am a little confused about the sending of the entries do you send your origional layouts?? hmmm may e-mail them!

Right I think I am going to scoff some icecream with my hubby and watch 'Drop dead gorgeous'! anyone else love it??

Ohhh one more thing Elsie flannigan commented on one of my layouts this week I was sooooooo chuffed!!!

Right icecream time!!!


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