Friday, 26 October 2007

squirly whirly kinda of a day

Don't you hate it when you have one of those days where nothing seems to get done! Well the last 2 days have been like that- The highlight of my day yesterday was fighting my way through adsa trying to get to the tampon isle, whilst trying to stop Aeron from reading 'Tampon' out loud from my shopping list - as I knew what would have come next- 'whats a tampon, whats it for?? etc'
We have also been potty training in this house so have spent half the week following Evan round with a potty and mopping up wee off the carpet- and DETTOXING my house!!!

I have also been on Facebook finding all my old pals!! Its really fun looking from ones friends freinds to their friends, I have found and poked some people I havent spoken to for about 10 years!!
Anyway I am going to drink my coffee and try and make today different!!! hmm what to do!!

Sneek peeks - Here is my sneek peek for my 3rd layout for the october scrapstudio kit

Also this is a sneek peek of the project I am doing for Scrapstudio
This lil project is going live tomorrow for free so you can just download the pdf file and print out
Hope you all like it!!

Right back to my coffee!!


Vickie said...

Just to say a big "thank you" for the ribbons, they're fab! Thanks again.
Vickie X

Rach said...

Wow that project looks so cool, I will be downloading that.
Lovin' ya work,

Eleni said...

Oooh that project looks so lovely ... where can I find it?

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