Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Last comment

I am so curious who sent the last comment??
Its my birthday- and I have been spending lots of money in on-line shops for stash!!!
Hmmmm there are 2 things I want but I dont know which to go for- A bind it all or a big shot!!! which one???? I have a tag a long , but the big shot will cut through thicker materials hhmmmmmm, and the bind it all will be so cool hmmmmm dilemma!!!
I have had some cool pressies today- 2 dvds- becoming Jane and Mansfield park- I just love period style drama films- ohhh did anyone watch fanny hill on bbc4 Raunchy or what!! I had to close the living room door incase any of the boys came down!!!- It was good though!!
I had a bottle of Leau d issey- love this perfume!! A memory card reader- I have wanted one of these for ages!! A digital photography book - I am really loving photography atm , and a design basics book - its for graphic designers but there are a lot of cross overs in there which could be related to scrapbooking!!! A wooden coffin with a ghost drawn on it!!! (calann has been doing some wood work, and made this for me to hang on the wall- it even has a hook!!!) oh and not forgetting my green and blacks chocolates!!

I have a hectic day ahead I am looking after my friends 3 boys so the will be 6 boys in my house ages ranging from 2-10 OMG lets see how that pans out!!!! Anyway have a good day!!


Anonymous said...

Very many Happy Returns of the Day Cleo!!! I hope Santa is as good to you!! Personally I wuld go for a Bind It All instead of a Big Shot....But Get a Cuttlebug instead!! it cuts through thicker material, even chipboard and you can use the big shot dies in the Cuttlebug too! Take care and I will "see" you about no doubt!!!

Cleo said...

come onnnn:D

stephanie said...

happy birthday! just get both! :D

ive done a LO using the ribbon RAK, its on the 'winner' post.

Anonymous said...

Did you ahve a nice birthday Cleo? Are you making your list for Santa? have you been a good girl? I do hope so!!!

Cleo said...

so am I going to have everything on my xmas list then (this belongs in my head!!)??? I nevr have before maybe I just not a "good girl"!!

Rach said...

Happy Birthday, Well done for getting all the stuff on your list. You wouldnt want to be a good girl anyway(i have heard its overated)!
I am still waiting for your online class to go live at scrap studio- any idea when?

Anonymous said...

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