Monday, 22 October 2007


I have sent all the RAKS today- but I dont have address for Anita and Louise who wanted flowers- Please e-mail me ladies and I will get your RAK to you!! Also I have 1 ribbon RAk left that will be going to Annie Bellamy!!- Annie get back to me please!!

We had a fab day out yesterday- we went to visit James gran. She lost her husband of 63 years a few weeks back so we all met up and went out for the day to cheer her up. We went to Torquay, and went to the 'Living coasts' to see the penguins. We had lunch at the cafe and surprisingly the food was really good(we have never had great experiences of zoo type cafes!!) but their paninis were lush!!- I had Salmon and cream cheese- YUM!!!

This is Aeron who had been placed on this mine??? by his grandad- he was just giggling!!

This was Calann by the entrance posing for me and for once he has a normal look on his face rather than his normal cheesy grin!!!

Evan did his normal grumpy stropy toddler thang!!! and kept sulking at every opportunity.

I saw such lovely colours thereincluding this sand box which I photographed whilst everyone was kinda looking at me as if to say 'WHY'!!- But I am sure that you will appreciate it!!

I could have taken hundreds of photo yesterday but I ran out of memorycard.

Right I ma going to be a good mummy and make the boys some scrummy tea- I have told them I will make them Sausage mash veg and gravy-YUM . Then I am going to make a GI lasagna for me and James!!- arnt I good (I will probably burn it all though!!!)

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stephanie said...

i like to try and take unusual shots too...and i get the same looks!!

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