Monday, 1 October 2007

I am Calmer and more prepared

After a headless chicken kinda weekend I think I am now feeling calmer!! Sorry about my moany whingy last post!!!

Anyway I said I would let people going to scrapcamp know what they needed for my classes and here are the lists

Acrylic frame class

1 b&w 4x6 photo (portrait)

Fine tipped scissors
Hole punch/ crop o dile
Brown ink pad
Sticky Foam pads

Bazzil stichez class

1 portrait 4x6 photo

3 landscape 2x3 photos

Paper trimmer

crop o dile or hole punch (but shock horror - no cheese holeing:)

Fine tipped scissors

Brown ink pad

turquoise ink pad

large hole needle

double sided tape


hope this helps if I have forgotten anything I shall let you know asap

I have lots to do this week but I am going to cook James a roast chicken tonight- fair play to him he has put up with so much lately!!!!

Right I am going to get all the sprogladites from school

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