Wednesday, 17 October 2007


As I said the other night I am going to put up a few RAKS as I have far too much stash for one person, If there is something on the list you would like then leave a comment stating what Rak you would like and I will select one person for each item at random.
  1. selection of flowers- felt/paperetc....
  2. some small pieces of velvet paper (these will be big enough for you to make some embellies) I love this stuff!!
  3. bottle tops- I somehow have hundreds of the things!!!
  4. Selection of ribbons
  5. selection of buttons- well I am the button lady!!!
  6. I also have some glass shapes (like droplets that I was given- these are quite cool but I dont know what to do with them, I will put 5 in a pack and aia can do lots of these they are all different colours too

Right that is all that springs to mind right now - I shall add more as I find it- any takers???


Anita said...

How kind of you to offer some RAK's, thats so generous , I would be interested in the flower assortment .

Anita xx

sammismum said...

so kind of you to put RAKS on here - mmmmm velvet paper

Amelie said...

I loove some buttons!

Julia said...

I have to say it would be buttons for me...but failing that I would love a flowers assortment.
A very kind generous offer. Hope I am one of the lucky ones.

Julia said...

Oopps should have said I am Hippo2go on UKS

Lyn55 said...

Hi I am Lyn abd I'd love some buttons or ribbons please. Thanks very much....waiting in eager anticipation.

witchy said...

oo would love some flowers your very kind, love the blog xx

StarGazer said...

Cleo am loving reading your blog even more now that I can "hear" it with your accent in my head! Got lots more compliments for your lovely Home Decor class when I took it to my crop last night!

I'm currently making calendars for Christmas presents & was trying to work out how to do raindrops for "April Showers" so some of the glass shapes could solve my problem!

Thanks - Jane xxx

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