Monday, 15 October 2007

My poor Lil man

Well my poor lil man is still feeling under the weather! He showed me where it hurts pointing to one of his molar teeth!! He has hardly eaten today (and that is not like him), so I am making his fave tea- pizza and chips to see if that will tempt him. He has been driking plenty of orange juice though- which is quite good. Whilst he slept this afternoon I tidied my boys pitt sorry I meant bedroom. An hour and a half and a black bag later they have a tidy bedroom!! Shall I time how long it lasts!!

I am going to do some scraping tonight as Ii havent done any for ages and I want too do some new layouts for the comp!

On the happyscrappin forum I am on they have started doing photo promts which sounds great to me so todays is......... BLISS

So this is my bliss for today!

This was me and James in Rome on our honey moon- it was lovely just being us without being mum and dad too. James really does have a susspicious look on his face here , but it was the best one of me!!!

I found all these lil smileys today and I just love em You Go Girl Kitty 2 Black Kitty

Right back to the pizza and chips....... Wales

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